Steak & Kidney Pudding

I got this recipe from Andrew & Gillian from the UK Boggers Association, . I had never made steak & kidney pudding before & really wanted to try it, well I did, & I have to say it doesn’t look pretty but boy was it yummy, my husband had been asking for it, I wasn’t too keen, but once I had a taste I was sold.  I couldn’t find any suet, so I bought a suet pastry mix & followed directions on packet,  Here it is.


Steak & Kidney  Pudding 

The classic steak and kidney pudding has been messed around with quite a bit, i guess to economise.However, this is a theme on a classic recipe that i have used many times. It is simple and magnificent
Pudding mix
500g flour
500g beef suet
7floz cold water
a good pinch of salt

Steak & kidney filling
500g lean steak, (chuck, blade, braising)
500g ox kidney (removed of connective tissue)
1 finely diced onion
pinch of mace
plenty milled black pepper
Lots and lots of freshly chopped parsley preferably curly not flat

Place meat,kidneys and seasonings in a bowl mix thoroughly before adding enough flour to coat everything.
Line your pudding bowl with the suet pastry leaving an overlap at top.
Fill bowl with the pudding mix and add water, enough to almost cover ingredients.
Now trim the top and moisten edges. Lay on the lid and gently crimp together.
Cover with a buttered cartouche followed by a damp cloth and tie with butchers string.
cook in a covered pot of boiling water for three to 4 hours. Topping up when necessary


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